Agony or Joy

This article was written prior to Arsenal & Man Utd losing their bottle this weekend.

“Audere est Facere” our clubs great motto; ‘to dare is to do’ an ethos that runs so deep through our club that the great Bill Nicholson once said “It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory” this is what kept our fanbase alive, this is what kept us going in the days of Ricardo Rocha and Pascal Chimbonda, that one day things will be better at Tottenham again.

Jol, Redknapp and then the great man of 21st century Tottenham happened; Mauricio Pochettino, things have genuinely got better, we compete domestically (kind of) we have European away days to the big dogs, no more former soviet-bloc countries for us (we’ll leave that to those vlogger-tourists from South-London) yet things have still managed to stay ‘Spursy’. When the term Spursy used to be thrown about it meant soft-underbelly, capitulation and no leaders, a team whose passion could match the paleness of their lilywhite shirts, Spursy still exists, it has just changed form. Spursy now means that only Tottenham could lose to Manchester City twice in a week and end up in a Champions League semi-final, or that we’ve lost one third of the games we’ve played in the Premier League and could still end up in the top-four or that our right-back could become only the third Englishman to score in a World Cup Semi-Final but has now spent this season struggling to even look like a footballer, let alone a defender worthy of a top-four side.

Spursy is sitting third in the table on the 4th of May and still having a genuine chance of reaching a Champions League final yet leaving your fans feeling frustrated. The reason for this frustration is knowing that although our situation is a great one to be in, a situation many Spurs fans could only have dreamed of years ago, the frustration is knowing that it could’ve been made better, quite easily. Tottenham have picked up ten Premier League points since the middle of February and the only reason we are still sitting third is due those around us managing to match us in terms of poor form, Spursy.

In a season where Spurs have signed no players we’ve also managed to consistently deny any academy/youth players the chance to step up. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Spurs fan who wouldn’t have minded giving Kyle Walker-Peters a chance over watching Trippier consistently sky crosses into row-z. Why has Vincent Janssen been given a chance over any number of young strikers coming up through the academy, surely the hunger of a young academy prospect trumps the genuine hunger of an overweight striker who Fenerbache didn’t want to sign permanently. Knowing that we’ve competed for Champions League places with basically no central midfield has left Spurs fans wondering; “What if we’d have filled that gaping hole in our team, what could we have achieved?”

This is the essence of the new Spursy; there is no in between, only feast or famine, only night and day. Tottenham have two, potentially three games left this season, lose those two games and its curtains for this squad, Pochettino and the new stadium, but win those two, potentially three matches? They’ll become immortal.

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