The most frustrating 18 months in Tottenham's history

Okay, maybe it hasn’t been the worst, but let’s face it, off the pitch the club has had a complete shocker recently. The last eighteen months for Spurs have been some of the best in our Premier League history if you only count happenings on the pitch; I mean when was the last time you could remember a season where Spurs beat Liverpool, Woolwich, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Man United and Chelsea (away) all in the space of one 9 month period? You can’t, because it has never happened before… Despite the positives on the pitch there has been constant murmurings, a constant grumble that there’s something wrong in the upper-echelons of Tottenham Hotspur; a top-down stench, something leaking from the boardroom reminding us that nothing at Tottenham can ever be easy, we can never truly sit back and enjoy anything without something reminding us that we are the mighty (unlucky) Spurs.

As a Spurs fan in my early twenties I’ve not been battle-hardened by the Tottenham of the 1990’s but I am old enough to remember having Ricardo Rocha and Paul Stalteri in the same defence and genuinely thinking we could win Premier League games. So compared to the Tottenham I grew up with, things could be a lot, lot worse but still even with Pochettino’s brave new Spurs there is still this feeling, this constant sense of dread that it could all fall apart so quickly. Tottenham’s infamous chairman Daniel Levy and front for the Enic consortium has always been a marmite character at Spurs, his tough line on business has won Spurs some bargains but it also seems to have cost Spurs too. In a season where the supporters were told it was either signings or a shiny new stadium Levy and Enic have managed to deliver neither.


Daniel Levy has always had a my-way-or-the-high-way type attitude towards everything Tottenham, but have these last eighteen months proved that perhaps his way has taken us as far it can? Three consecutive top four finishes is something Spurs fans could have only dreamed of before Pochettino and Levy but when we played our final game at White Hart Lane could anyone have genuinely predicted how frustrating the following eighteen months would have been? Once again reiterating how Tottenham were successful on the pitch last season but in terms of the feel good factor that was round the club at the White Hart Lane finale surely the Tottenham board could have done more to keep the feel good factor going?

When the club left White Hart Lane it felt as though the only way was up, all we had to do was deal with a season at Wembley then we’d be ushering in a new golden age at our new ground, led by Pochettino and Harry Kane. In true Spurs fashion this has not materialised and the summer break just past has proved to be one of the most frustrating in Tottenham’s history; whether it be the lack of summer signings, the constant bombardment of what cask ale is going to be available at our new stadiums micro-brewery, the fact that our kids home jersey is the most expensive in the league at £52 or just the overall complete lack of consistent well thought out communication with the Spurs fans from the top-down. This final point is possibly the toughest to take from the board as it solidifies the overall feeling a lot of football fans have at the moment; that we just don’t matter. Levy and Enic must have known months in advance that the new stadium wouldn’t be ready for the Liverpool match on September 15th but chose to wait until a month before the match to inform fans, this for a club with a dedicated fan base like Tottenham is unacceptable.


The issues as standalone problems could be begrudgingly dealt with by fans, but when the problems just seem to keep coming and fans are let down and kept in the dark time and time again it leads to an atmosphere of resentment amongst the fan base, which when considering what’s happening on the pitch should not be happening to a club like Spurs. This for me is the greatest failure of the Tottenham board, Levy and Enic; that they have managed to create an air of disappointment and resentment at a time when Spurs fans should everyday be counting their blessings of where the club currently are. Between the broken promises of ‘150 million pound war-chests’ or that the new ground would be ready in time for the 2018/19 season the summer of 2018 will be remembered as if not the worst summer in our recent history, it will be one of the most frustrating.