Pochettino, Levy and Einstein

It has been an odd few months for Tottenham; our best ever start to a Premier League season but in true Tottenham fashion, it hasn’t been filled with ecstasy and fluid football, it’s been more scrappy wins and boardroom blunders. Yet here we are, frustrated yet more successful than we’ve been in a very long time. Pochettino has already done more than most Spurs fans could’ve expected, but with more success, sadly comes more disappointment. The more a side like Spurs begin to win, the more each defeat sticks in our mind, it’s great that Tottenham have won six of our eight opening games, but what really sticks in the memory is the loss away at Watford. The world cup fatigue, the extensive injury list, the lack of signings, it all adds up to a dismal time at Spurs, yet we’re in a better position than we’ve ever been at this stage in the history of a Premier League season. Who’s to thank for this? Of course it’s Mauricio Pochettino…

This is where Pochettino, Levy and Einstein become one; before Pochettino was at Spurs the Enic Corp and Daniel Levy as their mouthpiece had been executing Einstein’s theory of insanity to perfection. Einstein’s theory of insanity was the idea that repeating the same action or steps over and over again and expecting different results was the true definition of insanity, this sums up Tottenham of the last 15 years almost to perfection. Before Pochettino, Levy and Enic had gone through multiple managers, multiple signings and returned very little. This sadly, is the reason for the situation that Pochettino and Tottenham find themselves in; sadly, Pochettino is paying for the sins of past managers.

Football seems to be a game that moves at a million miles per hour but also never seems to forget; this is why Spurs fans who will never forget the double winning side of ’61 seem to forget just how tumultuous things were before Pochettino arrived. Pochettino has not only brought regular Champions League football to Tottenham he has also brought stability; our last manager before Pochettino was Tim Sherwood, doesn’t that feel like a million years ago? Pochettino has taken us to a place where finishing in the top four is the minimum we want from a season, most Spurs fans would “take” a top four finish, as a worst case scenario. It used to be that finishing in the top four was something we could only dream of, that our squad was always too lopsided, with killers in midfield and attack but a horror show in defence, under Pochettino this has all changed.

Poch has broken the insanity at Spurs; gone are the summers of signing eight foreign ‘stars’ only for two of them to still be in the starting eleven in a years’ time, gone are the days that than a manager in the opposing dugout would be facing his fourth Spurs manager in five years, and sadly one day Pochettino will be gone too.Pochettino has brought us Champions League football, consistent top four finishes, some of the best Spurs’ results of the last 20 years and an end to the cycle of hiring trendy managers with cool names and then replacing them with a straight talking man named Tim. Pochettino isn’t going to be around forever and he may not win us the Premier League but what he has done is turn Spurs from a poorly run bloated team full of overpaid players who aren’t willing to put in their all into a team that competes for titles, throws hands with the best of them in Europe and managed to turn Kieran Trippier into a wingback who become only the third ever Englishman to score in a World Cup semi-final, and if that isn’t worth loving him for, you’re in the wrong sport.

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