Why Gameweek 24 Was Huge For Spurs

This past weekend brought about a number of interesting Premier League results. Hull City upset Liverpool, Man United kept Leicester City miserable, and Sunderland demolished Crystal Palace in a bid to climb out of the relegation zone. But for Spurs supporters and Premier League fans in general, the most interesting action happened at the top of the tables, where Chelsea defeated Arsenal and Tottenham fended off Middlesbrough. Here’s why the week’s action was a big deal for Spurs.

Spurs Are Alone In Second

Spurs got a 1-0 victory over Middlesbrough to keep on pace in second place in the standings. However, the key result from this past weekend came from Stamford Bridge, where Chelsea handled Arsenal with ease. As one match report put it, the Blues added insult to injury when Cesc Fabregas put in a goal to extend their lead against his former club. The 3-1 victory kept Chelsea far ahead of the field, but it also knocked the Gunners down rather decisively—leaving Tottenham alone in second place. There’s no guarantee that placement will hold, but for this one weekend it was, in a way, a good thing to see Chelsea win.

Head-to-Head Is Done

There are good and bad ways to look at this, but it’s worth noting, as the race narrows (for now) to Chelsea in front and Tottenham in second, that these two clubs have already completed their head-to-head fixtures. Each club won once, as you may recall, but the fact that they don’t play again means Chelsea doesn’t get another chance to jump out to a larger lead by beating its chief competition directly. Of course, the Spurs also miss that opportunity to catch up more quickly, but the way Chelsea is playing some supporters might prefer to take the former point of view.

It’s Not About The Money

This doesn’t have as much to do with the week 24 action, but as the Spurs stay in the EPL title hunt, it’s worth remembering that it’s not about the money. Heading into last season, one betting overview for the Premier League explicitly stated that the big spenders don’t always have the edge and this was proven and then some when Leicester City captured its shocking 2016 title. Now Tottenham is looking to repeat the feat. Spurs don’t have a small payroll by any means, but they’re more toward the middle of the league than the top in terms of spending, and a team in this kind of position ought to have renewed belief following Leicester’s miracle.

Confidence Is At An All-Time High

It should also be mentioned that the weekend’s action also left Tottenham feeling particularly confident. Following the win against Middlesbrough, which came courtesy of a Harry Kane penalty and wasn’t as comfortable as some Spurs supporters would have liked, boss Mauricio Pochettino stated that this is a team ready to win the title. It’s a bold claim given the size of Chelsea’s lead atop the tables, but at this time of year confidence can go a very long way.