Leicester City 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur: Match Report

Having played Leicester every single game this season apparently, we are quite familiar opponents. Last time out we lost at the dying moments due to some NONSENSE defending in a game that we thoroughly deserved to win. It was a real crotch punch considering we had 99% possession, 300 shots & a knack for hyperbole. It also was a little hindering toward our “title challenge”. Chadli makes his way back into the team for seemingly the first time in awhile & we get off to a weird Wednesday start!

The first half starts as all our games with Leicester do, I guess, which is 60% Spurs possession and solid defending by the foxes. As per typical annoying Leicester style, they hit back on the counter very well & tested our defenders pretty well. Our passing looked sharp & creative, especially when it came to Eriksen, Son & Lamela. Carroll did a great job at spreading the ball and holding possession while the creative runs and movement by Son and Lamela really caused Leicester some problems. Lamela missed a header, Chadli missed a header, some balls went just wide & their keeper made some pretty solid saves to keep us 0-0 through the first 40….until….a spot of sunshine (excuse this horrible pun) as our Korean striker finds himself in space and dips one past the keeper to put us up 1-0!!! Bentaleb kinda missing, Chadli kinda rusty, but we’re up 1-0 and that makes it all okay! Wimmer and Dier doing fantastic jobs at the back while Walker has maintained his typical form of the year & Davies, solid, but got himself on a yellow.

Second half was just….the same as always with the Foxes. Spurs in their end for the first 7 or 8 minutes until Leicester get on the other side of the pitch, get some lucky bounces and really test Vorm, who comes up Hugo-esque to keep us up at the 52nd minute.  Leicester pressing us hard for a period of time until Lamela finds himself in a 1 on 2 down the pitch with Eriksen and Son making runs, unfortunately he made a very wrong choice and nothing really happened.

Leicester press & press & press & press & we bring on Harry Kane & they almost bring on Vardy but dont & we hit & they hit & I get carpal tunnel from using all these ampersands and the game goes on….until…..the prodigal son returns………NACER CHADLI! Seemingly out of nowhere due to some shoddy camerawork that focused on our bench while Nacer, my man, broke through into the box & slotted home to put us up 2-0. Ah replay shows that Son put in a gorgeous, heartbreaking pass through like 8 dudes to get Chadli in on goal. His first since August! Alli & Onomah come on & Bentaleb turns up into the 2014 monster form that we know and love & we kinda just…outplay them to end the match? I mean, we pretty much just outplayed them all match and we didn’t change tactics or style at all toward the end. I mean Vorm made some great saves to cap off his best performance in a Spurs shirt and we WIN WE WON WAHOO 2-0!!!

Finally…our time of Leicesterian suffering has ended. We don’t have to play them again this season. Thank god. Thoroughly outplayed them in every facet (except the ‘letting in more goals’ category) and every played on our side did something of value & put in a good match. We go on to face Colchester United and uh….yeah that will be a real nail-biter.  I say this all the time but I love the new side under Poch, we rise to the occasion rather than lose 5-0 to teams we should beat. Great game, great result, great hair. COYS!

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