Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Leicester City: Match Report

Hey all! Hope you all had a good holiday, and after the extended break (missed a few matches) I am BACK to yell about football. After playing them like…a day ago? and drawing 2-2 in the FA Cup, we meet with Leicester at home in the premier league in what is a massive game. I mean, I don’t want to be dramatic here but a potential 6-point game is big, really big. Winning this could put us in the title hot seat, could make big strides toward ensuring our push for top four and even…help all 25 men in our squad be knighted by the Queen herself. Its big!!..but its important to keep perspective here & note that if we draw or lose we still have big chances for both. It is only January.  

AND WE CAME OUT STRONG!! Our first half performance was the football equivalent of grabbing Leicester by the shoulders and shaking rapidly. We had tons of chances, something like 65%+ possession, and a few way too close chances at goal. We needed to be up by at least 1 many points throughout that half, and while Leicester got a few chances of their own our amazing world-class keeper kept us safe. Typical Leicester fashion of hitting us on the fast break while we backed them in to their own net for most of the first half. To be honest, I lost my notes on the first half so I don’t have any specifics accounts of eventsbut I know Hugo robbed Drinkwater, Kante missed a big one, and Lamela and Dier took 200mph shots from distance. 

The second half is where all the REAL action came we started exactly how we did in the first – with breakneck speed & possession. Leicester maintained a few periods of increased possession during the early stages of the second half but it was once again mostly Spurs as we peppered them. So many close calls, with balls (not to sound too silly) bouncing wildly throughout the Leicester box and if we were just a little more clinical would be up to the deserved score of ~108 – 0. Schmeichel was superb, as was Hugo & if it weren’t for Harry Kane of all people blocking Vardy from 6 yards out, we would be down 1-0. In typical Spurs fashion we have immense trouble clearing our lines and gifted Leicester 5 or so solid minutes of possession in our box. On the other end, Lamela missed an open net so juicy that it sent me spiraling into PTSD flashbacks of 2014. Moments later of a seemingly nothing ball, Walker did some nonsensical slip pass to Hugo which actually just put Vardy in one-on-one with Hugo who LAYS THE SMACK DOWN on Vardy in his typical world-class fashion and once again saved our goddamn asses. As the match ticked on, it got testier & more intense, with each side getting a little grittier and more aggressive. Possession and passing from both teams was quick & almost rushed, resulting in a large period of back and forth play in the middle of the pitch. Oh, and Harry Kane hit the F*&^%&^%* BAR!!! HE HIT THE BAR! I mean, when I say we 100% deserved to be up, I don’t know how else to put it. If this was the luck of any other team in the world they would be up in double digits against Leicester right now…but we’re Spurs so its 0-0 of course. Vardy came off for Ulloa, Eriksen off for Dembele, and Lamela curls one over the bar. Okazaki off for King & Carroll off for Son and Alli drills one at Schmeichel. Do you see the pattern here? We press hard, we create great chances & we don’t score because we are cursed. Oh and to make matters worse we decide to leave Huth COMPLETELY UNMARKED in the box from a corner and he takes his 100% $0.00 free chance header and scores a goal in the 82nd minute as a big ol “f*** you!’ to our title hopes. After a match where we maintained 60%+ possession and 21 to 10 attempts and we gift them a header at the dying minutes to remind everyone that we are still Spurs.     

Thoroughly undeserved loss for us and an even more undeserved win for Leicester but oh well..its not the end of the world. Its only January, we have Chadli, Bentaleb, Mason, Dembele and Son all very fresh. We still sit in 4th place, only a few points off the title as well & ya know, its just one game. BUT HOW DISAPPOINTING. I mean, if we would have just played badly that’s one thing but we outplayed them so plainly that I just cannot even articulate it into words…and I’m supposed to be a writer here! Anyway, only 3 losses in 21 matches is ridiculous for us & we really are such a young and talented team. Its important not to knee-jerk and its important to keep perspective. We’ll win our next game. We’re not out of this yet. COYS!

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