The game is about glory - something Pochettino must not forget

I care. You care. Is it asking too much to ask that club officials care?

I can remember it. Can you? I shouldn’t even question you. Every Spurs fan can remember their first North London Derby. It’s ingrained in our brains. That first memory, you can’t forget it. You’ve probably forgotten family birthdays, friend’s wedding anniversaries, but I bet you can’t forget…Gazza scoring with just his sock on, Lennon in the last minute or Kaboul heading home. Mine was Clive Allen scoring at Highbury, then doing a mad-ass celebration when he just jumped horizontally in the air. 

Whenever we play Arsenal, I want us to win. We might go into the games as underdogs on occasion but I want us to be at our best. I want every player on the pitch to give their all. It means the world to me. I’m old enough to know better, but I can’t help it. We must beat that mob. No questions asked.

Did Mauricio Pochettino grow up supporting Spurs…highly unlikely, so he will never have that inbuilt fervour, but he should understand what derbies mean to the fans. It should be hammered home from the first day he took the job. It’s not rocket science, it’s an easy win. You put the best team available out when you play Arsenal. I don’t care if it’s the 3rd Round of the League Cup.  It’s a chance to beat them at home. You get us on-side by winning. The last thing we want is them celebrating winning in our stadium. White Hart Lane is ours. It’s our home. We have to beat Arsenal at home, I want their supporters to suffer inside our stadium.

Last night’s team selection was baffling. We haven’t conceded a goal in three league games. Key to that is the centre back partnership and the goalkeeper. Hugo Lloris should not be rested for games such as last night’s. It’s why he is at the club, he is a world class goalkeeper and should always play in North London derbies, irrespective of the competition. I can understand why Pochettino wanted to have a look at Kevin Wimmer, but please pair him up with either Alderweireld or Vertonghen. We’ve seen Fazio play enough, we know he isn’t good enough. Hell Fazio didn’t even get a look in against F.K. Qarabag, so why did he play last night? Like I said baffling. Fazio didn’t disappoint as he gave a performance of complete ineptitude. In one moment he stumbled on the ball, gave it to Oxlade-Chamberlain, and allowed Chamberlain to then run through him. It was awful. Meanwhile Toby was sat at home, twiddling his fingers.

Pochettino said after the game “Yes, we and our supporters will feel very bad, when you play against our sporting enemy you want to win more, but this is football.” Well Mauricio how about putting out our strongest side, so we don’t lose. Does he feel really bad, I’m not so sure. He has an interesting attitude to cup games, which are the soul of our club. Our club is built on those glory, glory nights. In the last season a weakened team lost in the FA Cup to Leicester, it bluffed it’s way to a cup final against Sheffield United and don’t get me started on that team selection in both legs against Fiorentina. To dare is to do, Mauricio!

Our team is full of young energetic exciting footballers, and I’m genuinely excited about the future. Yes, the team isn’t without it’s faults, but name me one which isn’t. However Pochettino himself needs to buy into this feel-good spirit himself, or he is danger of eradicating all the good work he has done so far. It’s simple really. How do you make fans feel good? You beat your hated rivals.

It’s that’s easy Mauricio. Remember, the game is about glory.