The Decline Of Emmanuel Adebayor - A Statistical Analysis


The Adebayor that scored 17 goals & had 11 assists in the Premier League last season; who played a vital part in Spurs achieving 4th place no longer appears play for Tottenham. Instead we have a player who many claim to be ‘lazy’ and ‘useless’, who has managed to score just 5 goals in 27 appearances in all competitions this season.

An obvious statistic that demonstrates how Adebayor’s performance has declined is how frequently he has scored; last season he averaged a goal every 167.1 minutes, putting him within the bracket of one goal every two games. However this season he has averaged a goal every 568 minutes, a woeful figure for any Premier League striker. One reason for this decline is the frequency in which Adebayor’s overall shooting has reduced; last season he had an attempt at goal every 28.4 minutes, compared to 40.5 minutes this season. This means Adebayor attempts a shot on goal 42.6% less frequently than last season, so taking fewer shots is therefore clearly going to result in fewer goals.

Although the Togolese striker has attempted a shot less frequently this season, his shooting accuracy has improved from 53% last season to 67%; a figure which makes him the most accurate of any Spurs player in the league this season – something which will be a surprise to many. However, when looking at Adebayor’s shot placement, it’s of little surprise that he has converted just twice this season in the Premier League; 41.6% of his attempts on target (excluding goals) have been placed in the center of the goal, making the attempts much easier to save.

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Despite the improvement in shooting accuracy, Adebayor’s chance conversion is one key area that has seen a significant decline. Last season he converted 19% of his chances, however this has fallen to just 10% this season.  At 9%; Adebayor’s clear-cut chance conversion is also the worst of any Spurs player; this supports many criticisms of him missing simple chances that he would’ve easily converted last season.

The minority of Spurs fans that attempt to defend Adebayor this season focus on the fact that he often takes up a more wider position and has subsequently been more effective in creating chances than he has in scoring them. However this simply is not true, he has gone from creating a chance every 46.5 minutes last season to every 56.8 minutes this season; and he has also failed to register an assist in the Premier League this season, whereas he reached a total of 11 in the 2011/12 campaign.

When comparing Adebayor’s statistics to other Premier League strikers, it becomes even clearer just how poor he has been this season when it comes to his attacking ability, with his minutes per goal, minutes per shot and chance conversion all being below the strikers used as benchmark comparisons in the Premier League.

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It clearly is worrying reading but the decline in Adebayor’s performance statistics will be of no surprise to any Spurs fan, but with Defoe and Bale now injured; we have little choice but to hope Adebayor finds the motivation to revive his form from last season.


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